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Player rated Sion guide created by LoL Fans. Players guide you in all aspects of playing Sion from beginning to end game.
29. Juni 2015 Detaillierter League of Legends Sion Guide inkl. Skillreihenfolge, die wichtigsten Items, Beschworerzauber, Runen und Meisterschaften.
14 Dec 2016
Therefore Gragas Takiness Rating is 4. Bearing this in mind, Sion has the highest rating because Tank sion will be ignored in team fights tank sion is as much of a threat as mordekaiser. If you go deeply into analyzing their effectivness if you build tank i'd say his rating is way lower. Just my 2 cent,
Summoner Spells; New Runes; Masteries; Abilities; Items; Champion Matchups; SUBSCRIBE TO WATCH FULL LENGTH MATCHUPS TANK AND AD; How do I play top Sion? Pros and Cons; About the Author; MASTER CONFIRMED; My Stream, Watch Me And Learn To Be A Better Sion; Changelog; Comments. 206. 8.
This guide is a guide on playing a crit Sion. Some people say this is the best shield in the game, well crit Sion doesn't like it. . with my ult up i had 150% roughly life steal, 1.8 Attack speed and 300 damage i ate through a Tank nasus with his ult, then finished off a tryndamere and his ult and i used Ghost
13 Aug 2017
This clearly wouldn't be for anything but a lulsy Bot game or somethin, but I'm curious on what would be the best combo to tank the fountain for at minumim 5 the optimal way to survive the longest is just stacking HP. theoretically Sion with 6 warmogs and unlimited stacked health would be the longest
Tank Sion not so much, don't think he really scales well enough on his own to really be a threat in any one area if you go straight tank, but definitely get tank items no matter what build, and his abilities aren't as useful to a tank outside of just stacking health. Sion's an off-tank whatever build you pick. You can
Read his ult's description. Consider what would happen if you're hitting/critting for very high damage, multiple times a second with 100% (or more!) lifesteal, then realize that it ALSO heals nearby teammates. I see so many people swear by AP Sion, but it just doesn't make as much sense to me. He doesn't

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