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6 Aug 2016
30 Jan 2014 Soul Weapon guide - Viewtopic for the Guild website for Labyrinth on the Europe server of Maple Story.
2 Aug 2014 The soul weapon system was introduced in the "Legacy of Nine" update, and functions as a direct way to improve your weapon. As of today, only level 75+ weapons are able to get that kind
Contents Intro List of Boss Souls Obtaining a Boss Soul Equipping a Boss Soul Soul Collector More Info Intro A soul weapon is (maxes out at 500/1000); passively grants additional stats based on the type of souls and its prefix; allows you use a unique skill based on the soul equipped, consuming some of your gauge.
Each boss soul adds a certain amount of Attack, Magic Attack, and a stat to your weapon. How much it gives you is determined by the strength of the boss that the soul comes from. Weaker bosses will give fewer bonus stats than stronger bosses. The main benefit from adding a soul to your weapon is the unique skill that
i'm using von leon right now and the animation takes forever and doesnt even hit more than 1 target or hit harder than assassinate. i'm pretty
So I've been searching up google on soul weapons but the forums weren't really clear. For example what is magnificent and how do i get it? where
10 Soul Shards (From Bosses) -> A soul that you can put into a soul weapon. Each soul has a randomized prefix (can give a random amount of one stat, or a bit of all stats, if you're lucky something like attack). And there's also a special effect (Summon or Attack), depending on what boss the soul is from (i.e.
20 Dec 2016 Level 2: Soul Cost: 200, Damage: 1800%, Number of Attacks: 1, Max Enemies Hit: 12, Cooldown: 120 sec. Get Outta The Way Rex ain't gonna let nothin' get in his way. When summoned by a soul weapon, Rex deals great damage to enemies in front. Normal monsters will be killed outright at a set chance.
Sorry that this is a bit off topic, but I think you're missing Damage (really, Total Damage) on your Hyper stats page, which should come below Ignore Defense but before Boss Damage. Your site looks very clean, so I'll make sure to bookmark it instead of searching for random threads on Southperry or

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