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Spreads understanding about the code being reviewed. Helps find bugs before they get to QA and avoids QA churn. Preparation for review will require the code author to check his code against the code guidelines and clean it up (bugs fixed prior to review). Encourages collaboration.
Feb 23, 2015 A well defined code review process is essential to make developers life painless. Below is a checklist that you can use to establish a code
May 4, 2011 Optionally, have all locally-developed Javascript and CSS files been minimized? It also makes your markup code easier to maintain.
General. 1. Site uses a cache buster for expiring .js, .css, and images. 2. JavaScript and CSS is minified and concatenated into logical groupings. 3. Images have
Aug 26, 2011 Code reviews go hand-in-hand with maintaining strong coding standards. That said, standards don't usually prevent logical errors or misunderstandings about the quirks of a programming language. Even the most experienced developers can make these kinds of mistakes and code reviews can greatly assist with catching them.
This document is for anyone who want to contribute code to the khmer project, and describes our coding standards and code review checklist.
Sep 9, 2010 I would add something like "distinguish between non-fatal and fatal errors". This improves the user experience a lot. Another thing that i am
Make sure your code adheres to the WordPress coding standards. Jul 05 The client has a large financial application with a lot of javascript interaction. Due to
Jan 8, 2013 Code review is systematic examination (often known as peer review) of computer source code.; Author: ludovicianul; Updated: 8 Jan 2013;
Oct 27, 2011 I was recently asked to review some code for a new JavaScript Reviewing code goes hand in hand with maintaining strong coding standards.